👋 Hi, I'm Alex!

I'm a product designer with nearly two decades of experience, crafting consumer and enterprise products for top brands worldwide.

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A designer who loves
designing for humans

I'm passionate about design, video-games, travelling, hiking, mountain biking and national parks. I'm also a lover of filtered coffee.

I believe in designing with a focus on the user experience to spark business growth. My approach involves closely collaborating to craft product experiences that elevate brands and genuinely resonate with users.

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These are my character strengths that I live on a daily basis

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Case Studies

Coworkers testimonials

I take the initiative of getting better at my job.
To uncover blind spots, I ask my coworkers to answer an anonymous 3-question survey.

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The best person to get feedback from. Always so patient, gentle and constructive. Visionary and big picture thinking. Always on the lookout for team members and creating opportunities for others to grow in the team."

— Product Designer at Hireup
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Alex is a user-driven designer. He always put user first. He is always seeking for feedback from the teammates and designers. As a product designer, he is extremely detailed oriented towards deliverables. He is also a culture builder who always bring fun to the design team."

— Product Designer at Hireup
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Alex has bucketloads of emotional intelligence and it's amazing to see him challenge traditional "leader stereotypes" by influencing through empathy, care, and with a growth mindset."

— Product Designer at Hireup
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Alex is an awesome teacher. He is humble, transparent and pragmatic, which makes learning from and with him easy. He genuinely cares about the growth and development of others, including suggesting resources and articles for individuals based on what they said they enjoy, or where they'd like to improve. He is a good listener, and has strong empathetic skills and emotional intelligence."

— Product Designer at Hireup